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If you focus long-term on what truly matters to you, how could you not win in life?

Kaizen Hour was born to help you set goals and crush them without overwhelming your life.

We teach you self-growth techniques from world-class scientists, athletes, peak performance coaches, or simply just curious and beautiful minds we resonate with.

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If you ever feel like... demands more than you can handle don't have time for yourself struggle to stay focused on what you want have low motivation and energy have a lot of potential but don't know how to use it

Then what we've put together is meant for you!

The Team

Simo Hosio

An award-winning computer scientist, digital creator, and an associate professor with 100+ peer-reviewed scientific publications in many of the world's top venues.

Antti Niittyviita

A CEO, blogger, author, Spartan race runner, and a highly-sought keynote speaker with over 2M followers in TikTok (where he's better known as the "Ice King").